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Opt2bfit Kidz Camps & Classes

Opt2bfit Kidz incorporates fun and creative movement that consists of cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Obstacle courses are designed with and without the use of fitness equipment. We integrate calisthenics into simple dance routines that encompass both cardio and strength. This program can be easily replicated and requires no equipment.

Nutritional chat sessions and games focus on proper nutrients, label reading, and portion control. Portion Control Bingo and Heart Attack are some of the games we use to teach your child about healthy behaviors in a fun and exciting way.

Delicious healthy snacks are also provided!

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Tired of Diets?
Need a simple nutritional makeover?

Let’s eliminate the word “diet” and learn a tasty and healthy way of eating for a lifetime! Do not eliminate your favorite foods, just transform them. If your Friday night tradition consists of eating pizza, consider making your pizza with non-GMO cornmeal crust, whole-grain crust, or cauliflower crust. You can also use non-dairy cheese, plant-based meats, and sauteed vegetables.

Go grocery shopping with us to discover healthy, but flavorful recreations of some of your favorite foods.